Monday, November 29, 2010

It's been a while!

WOW... life got crazy!!  I haven't posted on here in forever... to start off I was in a car accident.. not bad, but enough to d some damage to my back, so I've been in physical therapy twice a week every week.   Turns out I am pregnant!!  I am currently 15 weeks along... here are some U/S pics!!

So I've been going to prenatal appointments with my midwife.  I am considered a high risk pregnancy because my first two children were born premature.  I went into labor with my daughter when I was only  24 weeks.  So I've been having appointments with a high risk specialist as well.  Starting Wednesday I will need to have progesterone shots once a week to (hopefully) prevent me from going into labor.

The Tummy is definitely pooching out a little..
Well.. anyways between all that and school and work.. I have had absolutely no time for anything else.. including blogging ha ha

Anyways Hopefully I'll get back into things and keep you all updated a little more!

Until next time...