Friday, July 23, 2010

Our Trip...

Ok, so We're going up to Idaho this weekend to see an airshow my husband wants to see.  This means 5 hours in a car with a 4 year old... fun.  I gotta make sure I pack the dvd player.. and NOT forget the dvd's.. snacks, games, activities.. am I forgetting anything??? Probably.  I'm thinking we'll drive until she starts getting hungry, and then fill her tummy up and hopefully she'll sleep the rest of the way there.  Oh well whatever happens we'll have lots of fun.  She'll finally find out what a vacation is.  I mean yeah, she's been on vacation before, but it's always been to go see my dad, or some family member... she's never really been on vacation.

She told me the other day.."Mommy.. vacation is when you don't go to work or school and you just stay home"  ha ha you have much to learn child.  Every time I take a day off of work or something I think she hears me say I'm using my vacation time.. so to her.. I guess vacation is just skipping work...

I'm not too much into the airplane thing.. but the hubby was in the air force, so he's all excited about it.. and of course airplanes are the coolest thing ever to a 4 year old.  But that's not what matters.. Quality family time.  Finally I get to spend time with then without having to worry about homework, or work, or laundry, or everything else that I worry about..... hopefully.

Am I doing this blogging thing right???


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