Monday, July 26, 2010

Our Vacation...

Ok, so we went to the airshow in Idaho this weekend.   Kylie didn't have a nap on friday, so she was a little cranky in the car on the way there.

So I come home from work...
Kylie: mommy.. mommy I have everything packed!
Me:  Are you sure.. let me check....
Kylie: Did we forget anything.. do we need to bring lunch.. are they going to have lunch for us?
Me: Yes Kylie, we'll be able to get lunch...
Kylie: What about breakfast, do they have breakfast there??  Are we going to be hungry?  Are you sure we don't need to pack a lunch?  They won't let us starve will they?

Ha ha this was her first vacation.. she was Really excited and obviously didn't know what to expect!

I borrowed a DVD player from my neighbor to keep her occupied... but I couldn't get the dang thing to just said loading forever.... GREAT!  Now what I have a tired screaming 4 year old and we haven't even been driving for an hour.

Of course this isn't my DVD player so I don't know all the quirks and tricks of it.. I find the owners manual and start reading...I didn't get the answer as th why it won't play, but I did figure out that there are 35 games on this't know they could do that.... obviously that's what the game controller is for huh!

So I get that going and she playes games the rest of the way there.

We finally pull into the hotel at around midnight... she's STILL awake.. I can't believe it.. no nap all day and she stays up until midnight!

We get up into the room and she's obviously exhausted, mommy.. is this our new house? Ha ha She still didn't get it.  She has never been in a hotel either!

The next day we go to the feels quite cooler outdoors.. still hot, but not as hot as in Utah... we get to the airshow, and start walking around... "Mommy!  I'm so hot, I'm burning!"  Crap.. I forgot sunscreen!

Oh well... I tried to keep her in my shadow as much I could so she wouldn't be directly in the sun...

SHe got to jump on the bouncehouse, sit in the driver seat of a helecopter, and we found out she's deathly afraid of policemen... she wouldn't even go near them!

We got to see the Blue Angels.. which I thought was pretty cool.. I wouldn't be able to fly that clsoe together without crashing!

Well anyways, we stopped at walmart on the way back to the hotel and picked up some aloe.. I was so sore.. hubby was bright red, and Kylie was complaining, but I didn't see anywhere that was red.
So my back is totally burnt....hubby's face and legs are totally burnt, with blisters all over his face.. and Kylie is unharmed.. the things parents will do to keep their children save...

Oh well.. we're back home now.. back to work today.. I totally didn't want to wake up this morning....I"m about off though, and then it's back home to clean up the mess of suitcases and dirty laundry!


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